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1999 was a good year for acquiring artwork and other assorted crap. I wasn't big on finding back issues this time.

First of all, I made sure I had some good gold and silver paint pens for this year's program, as I intended to get all the signatures I possibly could. This year's program was again mostly dark, so this was necessary.

The only custom sketch I picked up was a sharpie-drawn caricature of myself by Ariel Schrag, of Slave Labor graphics (see right). For five bucks, I was all over that. Plus, she was really cute. Hey, I'm a comic geek, give me a break. I thought about having some of the old pros do sketches for me, but most of them were either too busy, or too expensive, and I wanted to save some money for some original art later.

Speaking of which, I picked up five different pieces of original art this go-round:

  • A Herb Trimpe Marvel Team-Up page, I forget the number - $30
  • Two Tim Truman pages from his last Jonah Hex Vertigo book, bought from Sam Glanzman (the inker, and classic war comics artist) for $50 each. A bargain!
  • A Kurt Schaffenberger Shazam! page - $35
  • A Curt Swan page from Superman #305 - $70
The Truman/Glanzman pages were really nice. I also liked the fact that I bought them directly from the artist. Sam Glanzman was a funny old coot. I'd been looking all over the Con for Schaffenberger pages of any sort, preferably Supergirl or Lois Lane, but the price was right on his Shazam pages. His work is incredibly clean. Last but not least, I found a bunch of nice Swan Superman pages for $70-100 each... I couldn't pass that up, so I picked one out. I was surprised these were going for so low, considering he recently passed away.

I really wanted to pick up a Byrne or Perez piece this time, but I didn't want to shell out another $200 or so more than I had already. Quantity ruled over quality this time, although I got a couple gems for a reasonable price.

I did pick up a few comics here and there, mostly books from the small press area, including Postmodern Angst (on CD rom!), and Kieron Dwyer's insanely funny LCD (Lowest Comic Denominator).

In addition to the Con and its wonders, I scored many intangibles, such as an invitation to the launch party at Planet Hollywood (many thanks to Dave Medinnus, who scored this booty in return!). I also met a bunch of swell people who I'd been conversing with online via CBR, and my long lost Avengers Mailing List brethren.

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Caricature by:
Ariel Schrag